Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

Driven by UCSIan values, and directed towards supporting the social, intellectual, and emotional needs of all present and future UCSI University alumni. We aspire to be a dynamic, member-focused and internationally- recognized organization.

Mission Statement

  • To celebrate, engage and immerse in the unique UCSI experience.
  • To foster intellectual and emotional ties among and between Alumni members, the university and current students.
  • To promote and instil lifelong learning and social opportunities for further individual growth and community spirit development.
  • To provide a vigorous and reliable body to sustain and promote growth, development, and welfare of the University.

Core Values

  • INDEPENDENT: Led by self-governed and independent volunteers, we are the voice of the UCSI alumni.
  • COMMUNITY: Create and foster lifelong relationships among and between alumni, students and the University.
  • EDUCATION: For lifelong learning, dedicated to support members and student aspirations for leadership development.
  • IDEATION: Encourage idea creation to create, identify and value new opportunities for entrepreneurship.