Membership of UCSI University Alumni Association

  1. The UCSI University Alumni Association membership application will be confirmed upon payment of the entrance fee of RM 10 and approval from the Committee of UCSI University Alumni Association. Click here to register.
  2. The Secretariat will send an email notification about the status of the alumni membership.
    1. If it is approved, the applicants will be admitted as a life-time member of the Association and shall be entitled to all privileges of the membership.
    2. If it is rejected, the entrance fee will be refunded
  3. The annual contribution of RM 50 is on a voluntarily basis and shall be payable to the Treasurer in the month of January every year.
  4. An annual general meeting of Association shall be held in June each year and the date will be decided by the Committee.
  5. Any personal data provided by you to the UCSI University Alumni Association belongs to the Association and we reserve the rights to use the data in any form without compensation or prior notification.