From Left to Right:

Mr Loo Kah Heng (Second from the left in second row)

Mr Pang Hon Yuen (Third from the left in second row)

Mr Chen Ming Tien (First from the left in second row)

Ms Evelyn Chian (Third from the left in first row)

Name Position Current Employer Current Designation Email
Mr Loo Kah Heng President RW Tech Labs Software Engineer lookahheng@gmail.com
Mr Pang Hon Yuen Vice President PW Engineering Services Manager, Business Development darkknight0504@gmail.com
Mr Chen Ming Tien Secretary C. K. Leong & Nurbaya Legal Clerk bokareiks@gmail.com
Ms Evelyn Chian Treasurer Sinopec Engineering Group Malaysia Sdn Bhd Accounting Executive xiaohui_0404@hotmail.com