Alumni Benefits

Graduate from UCSI University, Sedaya International College or Sedaya College have the access to great programme and benefits as part of the UCSI University Community. In addition to free subscription to the UCSI magazine – The UCSI Gazette and other Alumni publication, you get to take advantage of the special alumni programme, discounted venue bookings, discounts on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, trainings, health check-up packages and many more. Have a look at the programme details offered only to the registered UCSI University Alumni graduates as below:

Complementary Competency Programme (CCP)

CCP is a programme which provide a second certificate to be awarded to the current students for their extra-curricular knowledge and to help in their future career development. It is a platform for our alumni to enhance their skills and to continuously to maintain their relationship with the university.
Our programmes offered ranged from soft skills, linguistics, pastries, IT skills, hands-on skills, and many more; supported by our distinctive and relevant faculties and institutes.

For more information, please visit

Alumni Discounts for Family Members

Enjoy a special discount when your child or sibling registers with UCSI University. You need to provide us with evidence that your sibling or parent is a registered alumnus/alumna.

For more details, you may get in touch with our Student Enrolment Centre at 03-91018880 ext 3093/3125/3113/3101.

Medical Care and General Wellness

We care about your total wellness, both inside and out, by enhancing natural beauty and health through the provision of safe, research-backed effective products and treatments.

We are given a 15% discount vouchers on all the services provided by Laurent Bleu Skin Science and Wellness Centre to all UCSI alumni members. To grab the LB voucher, please email to

For more information about our services, please visit the website at

Hotel & Restaurants

Are you visiting a relative or joining a meeting in Kuala Lumpur? Do you need a cosy place for a short stay? Are you looking for a fine dining restaurant?

Fret not, as one of UCSI Group’s latest subsidiaries, Le Quadri Hotel, is offering a special rate to members of the UCSI University Alumni Association.

Check us on

Job Search / Career Services

As a graduate, you may constantly most welcome to attend our campus career fair, usually will be held in March each year. For further information, you may check out our Facebook at UCSI University Co-op Education Centre & Job Placement Centre.

Our Co-op portal ( enable you to explore more on the job opportunities. We have connected more than 3,500 industry partners from various industries such as manufacturing, telco, accounting firms, consulting firms, banking, pharmaceutical and more who are continuously looking for new talents.



As part of the UCSI University Alumni Network, you will have many opportunities to stay in close contact with classmates and lecturers, and even meet new contacts within the business frontier.

Our events will be posted on the Facebook – UCSI University Alumni Network. Look out for more fun and exciting events coming your way!

If you want to be notified on upcoming events, kindly register yourself at our alumni website.

Personal & Professional Development

Improving your soft skills and technical knowledge will bring you to greater heights and enable you to expand your horizons and be exposed to new experiences. As such, the UCSI University Alumni Association is dedicated to providing its members with avenues to interact with each other and enhance their skills.

Registered alumni are entitled for special rates on courses and consultation offered by the UCSI Extension ( and UCSI Consulting Group (

Offered from UCSI Consulting Group, registered members are entitled for

  • Access to the newsletter and blog ( where the subscribers can find various articles, podcasts and highlight of Blue Ocean cases;
  • Invitation to talks (selected members will be granted a free attendance); and
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Toolkit and Book (selected members will be given BOS toolkit / book, T&C apply).

Kindly contact us today to register for the UCSI University Alumni Association Membership to enjoy all of the great offers to enhance your professional skills -

University venues for Event

Our alumni members are entitled for discount rate of 30% for the use of the venue for both corporate and individual function.

Contact us at 9101 8880 (ext 3164) for more information.